Olds Gymnastics Club (OGC) is a non-profit club that is committed to cultivating and evolving resilient athletes. OGC has been training exceptional athletes since 1977. We believe in physical literacy, healthy lifestyles and positive body image.  


We teach kids first, and gymnastics second. We invest in our relationships and support each other through times of celebration and times of defeat. We lean on each other.   


We know that the ingredients for successful gymnasts include grace, discipline, mental & physical agility, and persistence. We can achieve great things when we stay the course. 

We also believe in having fun! Fun is such an important component of all sports. Otherwise, why would we be here? We love gymnastics and aren’t afraid to show it! Gymnastics can be a very technical and challenging sport, which is why having a sense of humor and getting silly sometimes is critical. It’s important to really enjoy what you’re doing, so you can be emotionally invested and mentally present. Sometimes you just need a good laugh to help you re-focus when things go sideways.  


Our coaching staff are passionate about what they do and are life-long learners; continuously improving their own skills so they can bring perspective and expertise to OGC. Continuing Education is a requirement of our staff and our commitment to you, the athlete. We live our values and walk our talk. 


What We're About

Mission Statement  

Olds Gymnastics Club (OGC) creates a transformative art and athletic community for families in Central Alberta.  


OGC envisions a world where children can realize their athletic potential, creating wellness for themselves and in their families and communities – now and in the future.  


We are open and transparent in our communities, relationships, and actions. We hold ourselves to the highest professional and ethical behaviours in our dealings with our athletes and their families, our partners and sponsors, and with our community.  


We respect those around us by being patient and kind, and by lifting each other up. We believe that diversity makes us stronger. We show ourselves respect by cultivating a positive body-image and attitude, by practicing self-care to maintain physical and mental health. True respect starts within.  


We empower our athletes with skill, resources, opportunity and motivation. We believe that fun is an essential component of sport. Through sport, we foster a sense of well-being so that real and positive change becomes possible. Confidence and courage are the first steps to any great endeavor – in gymnastics and in life. I can achieve.   


Life is short, and every day is a new opportunity. We strive to be the best we can be – today - in all our many roles; as coaches, as administrators, as athletes, as family and community members. We are life-long learners. We are committed to stretching and reaching, honing and refining our skills, because self-improvement never ends.  

Land Acknowledgement

In the spirit of respect and truth, we honour and acknowledge that OGC is located on the traditional Treaty 7 territory of the Blackfoot Confederacy: Siksika, Kainai, Piikani as well as the Stoney Nakoda and Tsuut'ina nations. We acknowledge the members of the Metis community and specifically, the Métis Nation Region Three.

Finally, in the spirit of reconciliation and because we are all treaty people, we also acknowledge all
people of Olds who make our homes in the traditional Treaty 7 territory of Southern Alberta.

OGC Policies & Procedures

Club Rules

What are the general Club rules?

It is the responsibility of all members to be familiar with and adhere to the following facility rules to maintain a safe environment at Olds Gymnastics.

1. No food, gum or beverages (except for water) are permitted in the gym and training areas.

2. Food may only be consumed in the viewing area. OGC is NUT aware.

3. No jewelry is permitted, except for stud earrings. For small children who wear glasses, shatter-proof lenses (polycarbonate) are preferred, with secure grips around the ears.

4. Please leave valuables at home as Olds Gymnastics is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

5. Only registered members are permitted on the gym floor. Our insurance policy does not cover unregistered individuals. A Notification of Assumption of Risk Form MUST be signed for all athletes.

6. Athletes are not permitted in the gym area without a coach.

7. Athletes are responsible for leaving the gym, change rooms, viewing area, washroom facilities, and lobby area neat and tidy.

8. Athletes are not permitted to leave the facility unsupervised. Please drop off children no sooner than 10 mins before class and pick up no later than 10 mins after class.

9. Children must keep hands and feet to themselves. Any gymnasts not abiding will not be able to participate in class (see discipline policy).

10. No refunds will be given 10 days after classes start. (see withdrawal policy)

11. all registered athletes will be required to do fundraising and the Cleaning Bee. (see Fundraising policy)

12. OGC is a Bully Free Zone.

13. OGC follows the 123 system for discipline (see discipline policy)

14. Any open sores, cuts and warts must be covered by clothing, tape or band-aids. Any rashes on any part of the body must be checked by a Doctor. Athletes will not be permitted back in the gym without a doctors’ note clearing them from any contagious infection.

What are the Drop In Gymnastics rules?

  1. Children under the age of 3 (or not potty-trained) must always be supervised during Drop In.
  2. Kids that are over the age of 3, and potty-trained, may be left in the care of OGC staff. Please be on time to pick up your kids from Drop-in.
  3. Please come inside the gym to pick up and drop off your kids. We want to make sure that your kids are going home with the right set of parents.
  4. One child per piece of equipment. No exceptions.
  5. Adults, when supervising their children, are not permitted to use the equipment.
  6. Please respect the equipment. Parents are liable for any damage caused by their children and may be charged a replacement or cleaning fee, where appropriate.
  7. The climbing rope and rings should be kept stationary; please do not swing on them or tie them in knots.
  8. No inversions or flips, please. Drop-In isn’t the right time to try a new skill. Stick with the skills you already know.
  9. Please listen to the OGC staff. They are there to keep everyone safe. During Drop-in, staff will not be instructing on new skills or leading activities, but they are happy to answer any questions you might have. Looking for a specific piece of equipment? Ask the staff to grab it for you.
Tumble Track Rules for Drop In
  1. To prevent injuries, please do not jump with your child, or with your child in your arms, on any of the equipment. One person at a time, always – regardless of age.
  2. No inversions or flips, please.
  3. Travel in one direction only.

What can I wear to class?

Below are the expectations for training attire gymnasts must follow to provide a safe and productive training environment.

- Shorts, t-shirt, tank top, leggings

- Leotard (spandex shorts are optional)

- No bare midriffs

- No frills or skirt attachments allowed

- No zippers NO jeans

- Hair must be tied back neatly to prevent injury. Bobby pins are not permitted in the gym as they fall out and are a safety concern.

- Jewelry and watches of any type are not permitted. The only exception is stud earrings.

Does OGC have insurance?

It is required by Olds Gymnastic Club and AGF for every athlete to carry insurance and registration through the Alberta Gymnastics Federation on an annual basis as is included in fees for all gymnasts participating with or through our organization.

Olds Gymnastic Club will also carry Directors & Officers Insurance to protect the Board Members that are responsible for organizing and running the organization.

Can I stay and watch my child's class?

Olds Gymnastics believes in an open policy and does not restrict viewing during training sessions. Viewing is only permitted from the main lobby. OGC would like all parents/guardians to be mindful that gymnasts, especially young children, can be very distracted by parents/guardians in the viewing area.

We ask that parents/guardians in no way try to communicate with the athletes or coaches during training sessions. Distractions can affect the ability of coaches to conduct their classes, the effectiveness of the athletes’ training session and the safety of all participants. Should parents’ viewing become disruptive to training, OGC reserves the right to restrict viewing time. Videotaping and flash photography is strictly prohibited.

Parents and visitors are not to enter the gym floor for any reason. If you need to speak with your child’s coach, please do so before or following the class. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have at this time.

Financial Policies

What is the fee break-down?

Training fees are payable on or before the first day of each Session. Payments can be made online through our Amilia registration site via Credit Card or Visa Debit. Families may save a credit card on file in case additional charges are incurred or may choose to issue a bond cheque (dated January 1) in the amount of $250.

Other fees include:

  • Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) annual membership fee $45, AGF Fee with Trampoline-$70

  • The OGC Equipment Fee ranges from $10-$25, depending on the age of the child and level of ware and tear on the equipment; less for those who are younger and more for those who are older.

  • The OGC Registration Fee is $25 per family.

AGF provides mandatory insurance for our club and its members. The fee is for the calendar year from July 1 to June 30. Athletes are covered for medical expenses related to any injuries occurring at the club. The insurance also covers the club for a Comprehensive General Liability Policy as well as Club Directors and Officers Liability.

Families with more than one child in their immediate family registered in the competitive program will receive a 5% discount.

Discounts apply only to the training fees and only to the lesser of the training hours.

Is there a refund in case of injury?

In the event of an injury, extended illness or other special medical circumstance exceeding one month, fees may be waived in lieu of lost time. This request must be submitted in writing to the Board, accompanied by medical documentation. Partial month fees will not be refunded. For example, if a gymnast is unable to train for six weeks, then one month’s fee will be refunded only. This must be documented in writing to the head coach as soon as an injury occurs.

What is the Withdrawl Policy?

Fees are only refundable up to 14 days after the start of class, minus a forty-dollar administration charge and any AGF fees. Please notify us by phone or email if you wish to cancel your registration.

What is the Late/Non-Payment Policy?

Olds Gymnastics is a non-profit organization and relies on prompt payments from its members to be able to meet its financial commitments. If payment is not received by the 1st day of classes, your child will be unable to participate until fees are paid in full. A $40.00 NSF fee will be added to any returned cheques. Full payment will be required, in cash, 5 business days from notification. If OGC receives more than one NSF cheque, participation in any payment plan will be revoked, and all fee will immediately become due in full in cash. Partial payments for monthly fees will not be accepted.

Olds Gymnastics acknowledges that there may be exceptional circumstances that require consideration regarding a deferment of fees. In such cases, the family may approach an OGC Board Member for consideration.

What is the Class Cancellation Policy?

Makeup classes are not available due to the coach/athlete ratio. In the event of a Club cancellation, a makeup class will be at club discretion.

Closures at Olds Gymnastics will not be based on the Chinooks Edge School Divisions decision to close the schools but will be based on the weather conditions of the day. Due to the high volume of gymnasts, we will not contact families directly. All families should visit our social media for real-time updates. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather, or circumstances beyond our control, will not be rescheduled due to gym and coach availability.


How will OGC communicate with me and my family?

Communication is essential in running a smooth program and facility. It is a priority for Olds Gymnastics to effectively communicate with families regularly. Please make an appointment to speak to your child’s coach if you have questions about the progress and development of their gymnastics. Please note that coaching staff will not leave the gym floor during practice. Rumours and innuendos tend to occur when there is a lack of communication. This is detrimental to the successful operation of a gymnastics facility. Please feel free to seek clarification on any questions from our Staff or Executive Director.

Olds Gymnastics may communicate using the following methods:

- In person

- Posted as a notice at the gym.

- A note sent home with your child

- Email. Please ensure Olds has your current email address on file.

- Social Media

Every effort is made to ensure information gets to our members as soon as the Club gets it. Occasionally information is received from other Clubs/groups without much notice before deadlines. In these situations, we work diligently to get the information home as soon as possible.

Anti-Bullying Policy

How does OGC define Bullying?

Bullying is unwelcome or unreasonable behaviour that demeans, intimidates or humiliates people either as individuals or as a group.

Bullying behaviours are:

  • Verbal communication: Abusive and offensive language, insults, teasing, spreading rumour and innuendo and unreasonable criticism.
  • Psychological manipulation: Practical jokes, belittling or disregarding opinions or suggestions and criticizing in public

Consequences of bullying:

  • Any member who feels he or she has been victimized by bullying is encouraged to report the matter to an Olds Gymnastic Board Member.
  • Where appropriate, an investigation will be undertaken, and disciplinary measures will be taken as necessary.

What is the Anti-Bullying Policy?

Olds Gymnastic Club is committed to providing all members with a healthy and safe environment. Olds Gymnastic Club will ensure that procedures exist to allow complaints of bullying to be dealt with and resolved within the organization. Olds Gymnastic Club is committed to the elimination of all forms of bullying.

This policy applies to all members of Olds Gymnastic Club, including gymnasts, parents and coaching staff. It applies during normal gymnastics hours, gymnastics meets, and summer camps related to the Olds Gymnastic Club.

Problem Resolution

What is the Discipline Policy?

Olds Gymnastics coaches work to keep the environment in the gym safe, friendly and respectful.

Disruptive behaviour from any athlete is not tolerated; infractions to any of the rules or any disruptive behaviour that threatens the safety of any gymnast or coach will result in the following disciplinary action being taken, at the discretion of the coach:

1. First Offense: verbal warning (documented by coach)

2. Second Offense: gymnast will be asked to leave the floor and call parent/guardian to pick them up. A written report will be documented and placed on the athlete’s file.

3. Third Offense: immediate suspension and long-term status with OGC reevaluated via the OGC Board.

What is the Problem Resolution Policy?

Olds Gymnastics is committed to providing a positive environment, which fosters mutual respect and healthy relationships amongst all members: coaching staff, volunteers, parents and athletes.

To ensure that we provide an effective medium through which any issues can be resolved, Olds Gymnastics has established the following guidelines for handling problems:

  • The identified problem must first be brought to the attention of your child’s coach
  • If concerns are not resolved, they may then be brought to the attention of the Head Coach
  • If concerns are still not resolved, they may then be put in writing and directed to Olds Gymnastics Board of Directors. All board decisions are considered final.


Is there a fundraising committment?

Yes! Fundraising is an integral part of OGC that helps to offset training costs and assist the club in buying new and exciting equipment.

All children registered with OGC will be required to sell one booklet of Raffle tickets per session they are registered in. (1 booklet per family per session registered) booklets are a value of $100.

OGC competitive athletes have mandatory fundraising commitments throughout the year.

































Olds Gymnastics Club (OGC) is governed by a volunteer, parent-run Board of Directors. OGC is responsible to, and complies with, the policy and protocol set by the Alberta Gymnastics Federation, and Gymnastics Canada.




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Olds Gymnastics Club is a registered Canadian nonprofit organization

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