Our Programs

There's something for everyone! OGC offers many exciting programs, for every skill level and ability. From recreational to competitive, drop-in to birthday parties; we've got you covered! We pride ourselves on being Central Alberta's premier gymnastics club. We strive to offer positive, healthy, and fun opportunities for our athletes.

Recreational Classes

Created by Gymnastics Canada, the CANGYM program is intended for recreational athletes aged six and over. CANGYM recognizes varying abilities, including those just starting out through to entry-level competitive gymnasts.


The CANGYM badge program is a motivational tool that enables athletes, coaches, and parents to monitor progress. It is comprised of three levels, or skill progressions (Bronze, Silver & Gold), with four coloured badges per level, and twelve badges overall. 


Creating a friendly and stimulating environment, our programs are founded on Gymnastics Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development  Educational Philosophy. Mastering fundamental movement patterns is the focus of the Bronze level, mastering fundamental skills on artistic apparatus in Silver, and mastering the identified target skills in Gold. 

Our rec program is divided into several groups: Early Learners (for the wee ones), Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Rec, Trampoline, Parkour, and our Homeschool classes. We welcome Jumpstart & KidSport grants.


Xcel Classes

The Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad-based, competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes.


The Xcel program believes that every girl should have the opportunity to "play the game" and be part of a team regardless of skill level. Xcel for girls is the next step for a gymnast in the earlier stages of learning gymnastics who is interested in competing in a competition at a recreational level.


Xcel brings competitive gymnastics to gymnasts in a program that embraces all skill levels – beginner through advanced. It is a personalized competitive program starting at the first entry division.


It is ideal for those who have a passion for the sport and are looking for a competitive experience with a minimal time commitment. Gymnastics BC does a fabulous job of explaining the technical requirements of the Xcel program in Canada.


Gymnasts will attend 3-5 competitions around Alberta during the year. OGC leotard and pantsuit are required. All families are required to sell one book of raffle tickets per season.

Competitive Classes

Our competitive program starts at age 5, with highly dedicated athletes who have proven their talent and determination. These athletes train year-round, with their season starting in July, and wrapping up in June. They train anywhere from 2 hours to 12 hours a week, depending on the level they are competing in.


Olds Gymnastics Club follows the Junior Olympic Program and currently has 40+ athletes competing in JO1 through JO6, with many working on JO7 & JO8 skills for next season! Gymnasts in these programs will attend out of town and province competitions, as well as our own OGC invitational, the Hay City Classic.


Athletes in the competitive programs are required to complete additional volunteer and fundraising commitments, depending upon their level and time spent in the gym.


Want to join Team OGC? Every year, our coaches keep an eye out for those athletes that show the promise, grit, attitude and determination that we expect from our competitive girls. They are then invited to try out for Team OGC.


Drop-in Gymnastics

While we normally offer drop-in gymnastics, they are just on the back-burner right now until we come out on the other side of COVID-19. 

Stay tuned for more information when we are safely able to resume.

Birthday Parties + Rentals

While we normally offer birthday parties and facility rentals, they are just on the back-burner right now until we come out on the other side of COVID-19. 

Stay tuned for more information when we are safely able to resume.